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Task Management

Visualize your workload using an engaging approach and simplify the recruitment process life cycle using an automated task management.

Whether you are working in employees to-do or new hiring, our task management enables a clear performance forecast and tangible activities in the employee profile. Task management feature is productivity in your pocket since every employee can access using any device. Manage and assign your to-do list, in real-time — anywhere, on the go.

Employee Directory

Designed and built for your business, with AJAX technology that allows you to access information faster and dynamically.

Employees information at your fingers, offering a comprehensive directory with employee history, skills, performance, schedule and many more. Now leaders and managers can access and track employee’s information using a single-solution from any device.

Get Connected

The new way to work creating a collaborative communication between peers.

All team communication is in one place creating open channels of communication, unleashing better performance by having an effective leadership and a better collaboration between all departments. Our chat feature allows you to create private channels, public channels and direct message among others.

Document Management

We designed and developed a collaboration tool for internal and external audience that enables constant communication with all staff.

Using our document management you don't need to send attachments anymore, just keep them secure and share them whenever you want. Document management ensures that you still retain the control you need to meet the compliance requirements of your organization

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Open a new world of opportunities

We take the complexities involved from the HRMS to build a secure fast friendly web-based suite that brings innovation to your business improving the talent management.

Go Mobile

Nowdays everything should be access at anytime from anywhere and on any device.

Employee History Timeline

A great feature that tracks the entire story of an employee from first contact.

Schedule Management

Automated labour scheduling to execute smarter business decisions for your business.

Time & Attendance

We made it easier, faster, and eganging for your business needs and the way you work.


We made it automated, no more printing nor mailing, one touch secure access.

The Hub

Friendly, intuitive portal that allows employees to learn more about your company.

Virtual Campus

Unleash the knowledge of your employees by tracking progress and performance.

Message & Alerts

A smarter, faster way to connect between peers using a new way to collaborate.


Control and manage your employees's attendance with a single touch.


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